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The leather is a noble raw material, keeps most of the features that the animal had in life. Adapts to the ambient temperature and humidity, has a warm aroma and a certain level of elasticity. It is a biodegradable natural material that comes from a renewable resource, the animals used for food supply purposes.

The leather: the first and last LUXURY.
What took the man while being civilized, to cover themselves with animal skins?
Modesty, cold or vanity?There are "tissue" more comfortable than a well tanned skin and light.

Genuine leather - As establish its authenticity?
The skin is a matter "green" does not pollute the environment such as acrylic fibers (composed of non-renewable materials which are the primary
component with which the false skin is made). The European Commission published a report in 2014 in which he compared the environmental impact of nine
different fibers and, according to the study which included topics such as the impact on climate change and public health, the acrylic fiber has proven to be the most damaging to the planet.

Verify by yourself, the authenticity of the leather:

  • Confirms the existence of minor defects and irregularities (scars, ...); differences texture, grain and / or tone?
  • Identifies the characteristic aroma of leather?
  • Feel the ability to adapt to temperature?
  • It adapts easily to the user's anatomy?
  • Checks, on the reverse, the pile characteristic of natural interlacing of fibers?

    If you get positive answers to these questions you have an article in genuine leather.


Extending the Life of a piece of leather?

  • Clean with a slightly damp cloth, except chamois leather should only be brushed.
  • Dry at room temperature, away from any heat source.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and / or other light source, can cause spots and discoloration - the most sensitive skins are chamois leather with shades of blue, green and red.
  • Avoid continued friction and localized.
  • Avoid contact with beauty products, cosmetics, medicines; (Perfumes, lotions, foundations, creams, ...).
  • There are skins tolerate moisture, are identifiable because they seem to "ask for it" themselves. In such cases use a natural moisturizer without color and fragrance.


There is no universal formula for the treatment and maintenance of leather articles. Before applying any cleaning product and / or maintenance test it on a non-visible area of ​​the article.


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